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About Saffa Trading


Saffa Trading - Your One-Stop South African Food Shop

SaffaTrading About us

You have been through a lot. You have packed up your life in South Africa and you have moved thousands of kilometers away, we know that you are still a South African at heart and those cravings are still there. Only a good old South African treat will settle that craving and this is why Saffa Trading was born. We are your one-stop shop for all your favourite South African food products, drinks, and more.

Our website delivers to satisfied clients worldwide and if you are unable to find what you are craving on our website we are more than happy for you to email us and we will source it for you. We search high and low to find the products you love, and we are constantly changed and updating our website in order to help you find the South African treat we know you are craving.

In South Africa, we strive to support local, and while our range is constantly expanding to include local suppliers, but we all shop at our bigger chains, remember all those major retailers and supermarkets such as Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Woolworths, Clicks, Dis-chem Pharmacy? We shop at these stores for you. To bring you only the very best from our South African stores.

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Shopping for Saffa Goods and Groceries

Whether you have been overseas for years or just wrapping your head around the exchange rate, we decided to display all of our products in our good old Randler, in other words, South African Rands. The world is constantly changing and now with South Africa off the Red list the exchange rate between the Rand and other international currencies has never been this favorable. Now is the time to stock up for those family dinners and cocktail evenings with friends and wow them with your purely South African treats and spoil them, or keep them for quiet nights while everyone is sleeping but now is the time.

Shopping for South African groceries

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make it easier for anybody to order their favorite South African groceries, no matter where in the world you are from. Everyone deserves a little taste of home. With Saffa Trading you have access to quality SA food, you have always loved and grew up with, Remember Ouma Rusks, who doesn’t? now you can have Ouma rusks in the swiss alps or in the bustling city of New York. With SaffaTrading you can choose from over 1000's of your most loved Saffa groceries, beverages, and more. Even though our world has been hit with this Covid-19 pandemic, we can still ship your packages straight to your door.

You can choose from Local Post Office delivery or have it sent straight to your door. Your order is also wiped down and sanitized before being packages and shipped. We care about you and your family and now more than ever, a little taste of home goes a long way.

Quality Assurance

For 12 years Saffa Trading has been shipping good old south Africa treats to clients all over the world. We have sourced, packaged, and shipped over 5000 orders and counting. All the items on the Saffa Trading website are top quality, expiry dates are checked and we send only the best products to you. Although we have a dream of owning a warehouse where we can keep stock of all your local favourites, we are we to that goal and dream for team ST, however, right now we do not hold stock. Once you have placed your order, we go straight to the source and buy the item, bring it to the office to clean it, and sanitize it before we package it up and ship it straight to you.

Every package is expertly packed, thanks to our packer Jillian, and securely shipped by our shipping manager Jemimah, we ensure that you have a tracking number and tracking link which we keep on file to ensure the safety of your package.

Why should I choose SaffaTrading as my South African goods supplier?

We care about you, our customer, Customer Services has always been at the heart of our business. We believe in the saying – Once a Saffa always a Saffa and once you buy from us you sure to not go anywhere else. We started many years ago, we develop and re-developed our systems, we tried and tested different outlets because we want you to have the very best. We encountered issues and we rectify them ensuring that we learn from each and every customer, how to get better and better with each order. We have been around the block and know what works, so you can trust us.  We have delivered more boxes of SA goods and groceries to 1000's South African ex-pats living in over 140 countries worldwide. That’s a lot of South Africa around the world.


Accreditations and Reviews

Saffa Trading - South African Food Shop has received over 300 individual testimonials and reviews in the last 5 years. Saffa Trading has become one of South Africa's most trusted brands and winners of SPIER and Food Awards (international trade) and a finalist of Proudly Saffa Awards in 2018, 2019, and winners in 2020.  Saff Trading has also been named as a finalist of FDG Business awards, both local and international.

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