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Woolworths Homestyle Buttermilk Rusks

Manufacturer: Woolworths
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R 228.00
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Woolworths Buttermilk Rusks are the South African treat that generation upon generation of South Africans have come to know and love. Buttermilk rusks are certainly a huge part of South African heritage, and no camping or holiday trip was undertaken without a good supply of crunchy, milky rusks to snack on. Many a boarder, university student or bachelor will tell you how that antique tin overflowing with delicious rusks saved their lives when homesickness was affecting them at its worst.

Woolworths Buttermilk rusks are made with 25% natural buttermilk and real butter, guaranteeing the unmistakeable homestyle taste of true South African Buttermilk rusks.

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