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Woolworths Free Range Beef Sticks - 35 grams

Manufacturer: Woolworths
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R 159.90
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This moist, soft, lightly spiced biltong carries somewhat sweet flavour with delicate undertones of coriander. Made only from selected cuts of free-range beef, perfectly seasoned and then air dried in the classical way, this biltong delivers on both quality and taste. The Stormberg farmers have brought up their cattle the exact same way for decades. The free-range herds graze openly on green, all-natural grasslands. The cattle are given no antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants. The delightful grasses and cool mountain rivers provide this delightful biltong its exceptional taste.

Sodium, Sugar, Irradiated spices (contains : Black pepper, Cayenne), Acidity regulator, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate Manufactured with 221 g raw meat per 100 g final result.

These products are packaged in a protective sealant. As soon as opened, place into a sealed container and refrigerate. Consume within 2 days. Well suited for home freezing (use within 30 days of freezing).

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