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Nestle Cremora

Manufacturer: Nestle
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Nestle Cremora -  750 grams

Cremora is a much-loved South African coffee creamer that was initially created as a dairy-free creamer formula providing coffee and tea creaming as opposed to regular diary milk. Cremora's distinctive sweet and creamy taste is an essential part of many South Africans' daily coffee or tea drinking ritual - and who can forget the iconic television advert? "Honey - there's no Cremora in the fridge!" And the wife answers: "It's not's On TOP!!!"

CREMORA has actually moved past being merely a coffee and tea whitener and makes every effort to improve your warm drink to a new pleasurable taste experience by delivering the creamiest mug of coffee every time you enjoy it. And true South African ingenuity, this delicious creamer was put to use in another traditional SA recipe: the Cremora tart. A simple yet delicious fridge tart – the unmistakeable taste of Cremora makes this a special treat for the whole family.

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