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Eskamel Ointment - Spot Buster

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Please note that this product has been dicontinued/delayed  and has been replaced by Spot Buster

Eskamel acne breakouts and zit ointment works in masking marks and acne breakouts while at the same time addressing blemishes. Eskamel Lotion is tinted and also holds scrubbing properties that helps to both heal pimples and zits and as well as concealing them.

Eskamel Pimples and Zits Lotion contains a mild antiseptic, exfoliate and keratolytic properties. Eskamel Pimple Ointment is suggested for people suffering from zit breakouts, blemishes and acne breakouts.

Before using Eskamel, please wash the afflicted location with cleansing soap and water, and dry the area completely.

Apply Eskamel Acne Pimple Lotion very finely to your skin yet do not rub it in. Applying it once a day is usually sufficient, yet if you have a really oily skin, you can apply the the ointment more than once.

Eskamel Acne and Zit Ointment might be applied under make-up to mask the zits and lesions of acne breakouts.

Each 100g consists of Eskamel contains: 8 gram Sulphur and 2 gram Resorcinol. Product Preservative: 0.25 % m/m Hexachlorophene

Mild erythema and scaling are the anticipated effects of using Eskamel Acne breakouts and Pimple Lotion. If these side effects are to extreme or if irritation develops, stop the therapy till the response has actually diminished, and then try again.

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